Closed-Couple Surface Pump



KCP A-series pumps are end-suction, close-coupled, single-stage, centrifugal pump in compact design, with axial suction port and radially arranged pressure port. The A pump serves as the industry standard in performance, quality, and durability. The A pump available in a stainless steel or bronze version as an option.

KCP A pumps are suitable for a variety of different applications requiring reliable and cost-efficient supply. The A pumps are used in five main areas of application: Chiller water, condensed water, hot water, district heating/ cooling, HVAC, process water, water utility, and general industrial. 


  • Air-conditioning
  • Pressure boosting
  • Cooling and thermal
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Groundwater distribution
  • Wastewater transport
  • Process

Features & Benefits

  • Permanent rigid alignment:  Eliminates coupling alignment requirements, laser alignment costs and faster installation
  • Optimized and balanced impellers: Customization for system design.
  • Close coupled design: Compact model and space savings.
  • Back pull out design: Ease of maintenance and servicing.
  • No baseplate required: Enhances ease of service and no alignment
  • Cast iron motor body: Heavy duty & machined motor bracket
  • Electric motor with extended shaft directly connected to the pump up to 160 kW: Optional with seal-flushing and other mounting design

Materials of Construction

  • Pump housing: FCD/ Stainless/Bronze
  • Lantern: FCD/ Stainless
  • Impeller: Bronze/ Stainless

Other material/ mechanical seals are also available on request.

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